Sunday, July 18, 2010

Utah Trip

It's always crazy fun to be with ALL of Brad's family. The kids are starting to take over. Soon enough they'll outnumber us and we will be in BIG trouble. A few key ingredients to CALL FAMILY fun: 1)Always homemade food, taco soup and sandwhiches are standards. 2)Completely organized chaos, with that many people (15) it doesn't really matter how well you plan, it gets crazy. 3)Exteme exhaustion from excessive fun. 4)Use the camera as a torturing device because you don't know for sure when we'll all get together again (which this was like one of two times I've spent time with my brother-in-law/doctor, so it's understandable, though I don't think he's in any of my pictures... shucks).

A few pictures of the greatness planned and executed by Bryan and Lynda:
Canoeing at the lake by the cabin we stayed at up in Oakley. Crazy windy that day, but that didn't stop us.
Fireworks and water balloons in the backyard on the 4th of July. Why are those snacks so fun to watch? The kids loved them. They also got to do sparklers and a couple of those fountains. FUN!
ALL the grand kids in one place at the same time. Impressive!
Pre-picture picture chaos. Notice their matchy lake outfits complete with water shoes.

Oakley Rodeo. It was fun to go to a small town Rodeo, so different from one's I'd been to in AZ. They had fireworks at the end and Kaci still talks about the horses that ran so fast and the bucking bulls!


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