Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wedding Memories part3

Okay, my sister got married and had a beautiful wedding reception and I have ZERO pictures of it. I was busy in the kitchen during her reception and my camera got left in a car after the temple. So someday I'll get my hands on some of her wedding pictures to post, but at least I took a few pictures of her in her wedding stuff before her wedding.

Post-wedding "fun" was a trip to Sedona. It was Brad's first time. We went to Slide Rock. It was a beautiful sunny day with a 20% chance of rain. We get to slide rock and while we're walking in people are running out. We forge on only to hear thunder, see lightning, and watch dark clouds roll in. The place cleared out in minutes. We were left all alone, huddled under a rock outcropping. The rain was cold and it lasted longer than the usual 10 minutes. Everyone was soaked. The kids made a little fort out of towels and put on their happy faces while the adults laughed. We all got wet, just not the way we intended.
After the storm mostly cleared everyone decided to slide on the rocks anyway and had a great time.

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