Sunday, June 21, 2009

Arizona Trip

I love visiting Arizona. This visit included lots of fun stuff... but I didn't take very many pictures, guess I was enjoying myself too much. We threw a little birthday bash for Kaci, we went to Sunsplash (the water-park I've been going to since I was Kaci's age), I ate at Chino Bandido's (a mexican chinese place, it's amazing!) I visited my parents in Prescott, I spent hours and hours by the pool, and we just spent time with FAMILY! What a great trip.

I took this picture because it exemplified what we did for days while I was recovering. I was so happy to have my mom to take care of me. Sorry to be such bums, but I loved taking a break from doing all the cooking and cleaning!

We did play a lot too. Kaci loves to play soccer and Grandma showed her how to fly a kite.

If only we could spend hours in grandma's backyard every day! Kaci loved it there, had a lot of fun!


Hayley said...

looks like you had a good time. your dress in the pictures with kim is so cute!

Cierra said...

chinese mexican food? i think you may need to do a whole separate post to explain how this actually exists...

larissa said...

sounds like Arizona didn't let you down.
I'm thinking that I'm about to love future Arizona trips too. I'm super nervous about going without Mexican food. Glad you got to eat at one of your favs