Monday, June 22, 2009

Cierra, you're absolutely right!

Cierra commented that a mexican chinese food place deserves its own post, and you know what, she's absolutely right!

Chino Bandido is amazing! I first experienced it as a Senior in high school with my team mate Mark Cleveland. He took me there after one of our pole vault sessions at Paradise Valley College with Todd's Sky Camp. He wanted to repay me for driving us across town every week.

For your first visit, they have a corner where they let you sample most of the menu items. I tried a variety of meats and all the different rices and beans. They have like 6 different ways they make rice. I fell in love with their spicey, refried black beans. Their meals come with a huge, moist snickerdoodle cookie.

I always get the same thing: 7 & 11, white rice, black beans, lemonade, and of course the cookie. I usually eat my cookie before my meal is ready. It is the only place I order a drink instead of water. I think the lemonade just balances out all the tantalizing flavors in the meal. 7 is the jade red chicken (slightly spicey) 11 is the teriyaki chicken (slightly sweet).

I love this place. I eat there every time I visit Phoenix. It's on 19th Ave and Greenway. I just read on their website (yeah I don't know how a hole in the wall place gets a website) that they have a NEW location in CHANDLER!! Hear that Krys, you can eat it on either side of town now! Next time I come, we'll have to check it out!

There ya have it Cierra. If we're ever in Phoenix at the same time, I'll take you there! Our kids could eat for free. Kaci got a free drink, oookie, and rice bowl gratis!


zealandrocks said...

oooooo there is one by me?!?! bruce and i might check it out on my lunch date today!!!!!

Cierra said...

SWEET! Thanks for humoring me by doing this post...of course I loved it! I really REALLY want to go here now! It sounds so different and delicious!

And a snickerdoodle cookie comes with every order? Life just does not get any better than that. No it does not.

So now I just have to save money to make a trip to Phoenix!