Wednesday, October 21, 2009

takin' a break

I'm taking a break from my Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade planning (by the way, does anybody want to come with us?) to tell you about this amazing trail mix I made. I bet a lot of Mom's already do this, but I recently discovered it for myself. I made a trail mix with different cereals and stuff that we like. I made a big tin of it and Kaci loves it (so do my seminary kids). She never gets bored with it, it's an awesome snack, and it is mostly "good for you" stuff.

I combined:
cashews (soft nut Kaci can eat, and they are yummy)
pumpkin seeds
honey nut chex
gold fish pretzels
marshmallows (these got old and dried out fast, but I like 'em better that way)
raisins (won't do these again, they don't vacuum well and I scrumpa* them anyway)
teddy grahams (chocolate kind)

We are lovin' it! It's fun to make too. We've had it for two weeks, stored in a tin and everything is still fresh. Way cool. If you have any yummy combos you've been holding out on, please share. Our tin is almost gone!

*home-made word for when you don't dislike something, but you don't necessarily like it either.


Brandon said...

SCRUMPA!!! I'm so glad you used that word. Kierstyn and I were talking about those kinds of foods and what you called them and couldn't remember! Stressful! But you have saved the day, Kerri. I thank you.

Cierra said...

i never heard you use scrumpa before, but i think i like it! and your trail mix sounds old boss at the career center used to make her own with a bunch of goodies, and it was so addicting!

Kim and the Fam said...

i feel the same way about raisins. that's why I prefer craisins in my trail mix! :)